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The difference between Google Places, Google+ Local and Google Business Pages

If your business consists of physical stores or multiple locations, optimising Google Places is probably a key ingredient in your daily work. But do you know the difference between the different Location-based Google page types?

The differences between Google Places, Google+ Local and Google Business Pages

Google+ Business Page

A Google+ Business Page is much like a Facebook Fan page, equipped with multiple interactive features. Here’s an example of a typical Business Page belonging to a large brand:

This is a Google Page for Business

Google+ Local page

A company with multiple physical stores (for example hotels) are typically not run as individual Business Pages but as Google+ Local pages. As such, they belong to a Page and are managed through that parent company’s Business account. These local page types do not have wall posts or video tabs. I should mention that ‘Google Places’ was the official name until 2012 when it changed name to ‘Google Local’. 

This is a Google Local page

A location or store can convert from being a Local Page into a Business Page but only if it is removed from the parent account umbrella, verified with Google (via postcard) and then connected to a new Google Business Page (unique Google account).

6 requirements for Google+ Business Pages

  1. Each store needs to create and login with a unique Google+ Business account.
  2. Each store will have to verify their place by requesting a verification postcard.
  3. Each store will have to be responsible for updating their data, coordinates, address and information on Google.
  4. Each store will need to maintain any social interactions on the page.
  5. You won’t be able to use the bulk upload feature (useful when a brand consists of >100 physical stores)

Hope this was useful! I’m looking forward to hearing more about your experince and best practices in the comments.

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