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Bemöt klagomål på Twitter på proffsig engelska

Jag postade nyligen ett inlägg om hur man skriver proffsiga mejl på engelska. Inom ett par timmar hade en anställd på företaget kommenterat på bloggen och hjälpt till att justera en rad fel. Nu har företaget även skrivit ihop det här gästinlägget om hur man bemöter klagomål på Twitter på ett proffsigt sätt. Hoppas att det är värdefullt!


Twitter has empowered customers globally to make public complaints which, if not dealt with properly, can do serious damage to a company’s reputation. Equally, however, Twitter is a fantastic means by which to apologise to customers and be seen to offer an honest customer service. By publicly resolving an issue with sincerity and professionalism, you have the opportunity to gain favour with, not only the complainant, but every person who reads your message.

But what would you do if this complaint was in the world’s second language – English? To ease the workload of your staff and provide a responsive customer service, it is advisable to have some readyto-go draft tweets. The key to drafting a template like the example below, is to make it both genuine and vague. And in just 140 characters.

Complaint to a service company about late delivery, rude employee etc.

Possible template: “Hi @complain, we are disappointed unless we provide the best possible service. Please send us your preferred means of contacting you.”

Why is this a good tweet?

  • No apology is given which could be interpreted as an admission of guilt (read more about this risk in our “We are Sorry” article here). Something you may regret later.
  • You filter out some complaints by requesting they make the next move. Some complainants are satisfied with venting their frustration and will not pursue the complaint any further.
  • You express being disappointed – unless you provide the best service to customers – which is a good image to present to the public.

Vill du ha fler tips för att undvika felaktigheter i din affärsengelska? Börja med att läsa ”Top 20 most misspelled words”. Och om du behöver professionell hjälp med översättningar eller korrläsningar så tar Rob Griffith-Jones  gärna emot ditt mejl på


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