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Generations X, Y and Z

I have always been curious about the definitions of Generation X, Y and Z. This is what I learned from Wikipedia. Which generation do you belong to?

I'm definitely Generation "why?"

Generation X

Generation X is defined as those born after the baby boom ended, and are sometimes referred to as Baby Busters. It generally includes people born between 1960 and 1982. They tend to be pragmatic and perceptive, savvy but amoral, more focused on money than on art. Controversial statements claim they are a generation of teenagers who ”sleep together before they are married, were not taught to believe in God and don’t respect parents”. Generation X is also sometimes referred to as the MTV Generation.

Generation Y

Generation Y are also known as the Millennial Generation. This generation includes people born between 1982 – 2000. Millennials have grown up with instant communication technologies such as email, texting, MSN, YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, which can explain their reputation for being very peer-oriented. Expression and acceptance has been highly important to this generation. Generation Y is less employed than any other generation before them even though they are more educated. Studies also predict that Generation Y will switch jobs frequently due to high expectations of the workplace and of having a good career.

Generation Z

Generation Z, also known as the Internet Generation have also been called ”Digital Natives”. The earliest birth is set to 1991. Members of Generation Z are typically children of Generation X. A notable difference between Generation Y and Generation Z, is that older Millenials remember life before the takeoff of mass technology, while Generation Z have been born completely within it. Some can be described as impatient and instant minded, and tending to lack the ambition of previous generations.

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