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While you’re watching the Euro 2012

I know that Sweden plays France tonight, but I thought Hey, how thrilling will that be? I suspect is is nothing like when the director of your department comes up to you and says: ”Would you be a darling* and pull up a few ideas for increasing our revenue on the international websites?” So I decided to reach out on the blog and even compose a post in English. Because I suspect that there’s someone out there who have experience in working with online marketing for Russia and/or Germany.

Goal: Create awareness of the brand and subsequently deliver sales on German and Russian websites.

Channels available:

  • Own website
  • Google Adwords accounts.
  • No Facebook page or mobile website
  • No email database.

What are your suggestions for me? What works in Russia, what is the eCommerce landscape and purchase behavior like in Germany?

*Joke. No one would actually get away with calling me Darling.

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