..även kallat cart abandonment emails. Vad kan ni om det? Jag har försökt sätta ihop en strategi (på engelska) men känner att jag inte har tillräcklig koll. Kommentera gärna om du har några tips!

When to send remarketing emails?

  • Remarketing emails are sent to everyone who has filled in their shipping details, but does not proceed to checkout.
  • How can we know if the client actually did purchase something that same day? – Should not receive a remarketing email.
  • An email will trigger when the website tab is closed, browser is exited or when the web session times out.
  • Timing – Maybe first email is sent within 1-2 hrs after abandonment. And another one 48hrs after that?

What to include in remarketing emails?

  • Return to your cart and complete your purchase – Can product info be saved even if we don’t have Save Cart-functionality?
  • Offers: Come back and save X% To be included in email no 2 or 3, to avoid visitors from misusing discounts?
  • Reviews – will display of reviews in the email help the customer to convert?
  • Other channels – Should we communicate also telephone number or click to call?

Conversion rate from remarketing emails

  • Should we only trigger for high ROI items – for example abandoning of high value products?
  • What Subject Line converts best? For example “Was it something we said..?”
  • Survey, Should we ask why visitors didn’t convert? – Were price too high, or was credit card denied?

What does the EU privacy directive say about remarketing?

Our supplier tells me that a prospective customer visiting and initiating a purchase is to be regarded as a customer – as such, we are entitled to communicate with them about their purchase. Other sources tell me that we need to explain to customers that we will follow up on abandoned shopping carts, and inform about this before the visitor is asked to fill out their address.

I am confused.