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My takeaways from SIME10

Temat för SIME i år var Storytelling, och det har verkligen genomsyrat min dag 2 här på konferensen. Jag tyckte att det var alldeles för mycket soff-fluffprat, och för lite presentationer. Det verkade som att varje talare fick 10 minuter på scen men 30 minuter i den efterföljande intima ”paneldebatten” där moderatorn var primär åhörare och publiken sekundär. Jag klarar i alla fall inte att ta in information många minuter utan synintryck, bilder eller rörligt material så den diskussionsdelen blev alldeles för pratig för min del. Här kommer i alla fall mina väldigt komprimerade anteckningar på engelska. Vill du läsa mer om talarna så kan du göra det här.

Reebok, Katrin Ley

Reebok presented a couple of ongoing marketing initiatives, for example the Reebok EasyTone and how it utilizes the power of video and sharing. Katrin Ley also concluded that the Marketing mix hasn’t changed, the media landscape has.


The consumer is the center of everything we do. Do what is right for your consumers and don’t stare yourself blind on index points and number of impressions.

Volvo, Karin Larsson

PR messages should always be honest. At Volvo, the PR initiatives is what drives marketing. Every consumer is a potential journalist.

Creuna, Martin Deinoff

Make the product so great that you don’t need interruptive marketing. If you’re good it will spread. TV offers the worst exampels of bad advertising. If we talked to people like advertising talks to people, we wouldn’t have any friends. But we now have the possibilities to choose what information we want to see. We should at all times respect the power of the users. You have to add real value., Carl Henrik Borg

Bild: Helen Alfvegren”How did Hemnet manage to offer the most popular form of entertainment?” (If you ask me, Hemnet had the first-mover-advantage moving real estate ads from news papers to the Internet. They didn’t create the interest for house hunting, nor did they offer an entertaining solution. They suceeded because there was nothing else..) But now, Hemnet has an iPad app coming up and they also presented their redesign of the website. In terms of online marketing, Hemnet has produced several webTV shows called Fredrik² – starring local celebrity Peter Magnusson.

Blocket, Martin Frey

Key takeaway was that Blocket, offering  an online buy&sell platform, is an extremely profitable business. ”There is no room for a profitable no 2 and 3”. 4,5 milj unique visitors each week and the ads value equals 6% of Swedish GDP. The quality of the ads are extremely important. Blocket is also launched in 17 other countries like Spain, France and Italy.  They are now moving inti e-commerce.

World Economic Forum, Matthias Lüfkens

Social media enables democracy. Matthias showed numerous  examples of politicians who tweet, and who follow each other on Twitter. Queen of Jordania, Britney Spears, Barack Obama, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Prime minister of UK, etc. Joakim Jardenberg commented: He is not impressed by presidents who are on Twitter because they still remain in their comfort zone. For them Social Media is just another communication channel among many. What is impressing is when people who normally do not have public relationships initiate  dialogues through Twitter or other social media. Building a persona online is not for everybody. Don’t do it if you’re not into it.

Mercedes, Sven Dörrenbächer

Sven presented the Mercedes SLS viral campaign (Is it still a car?) that ran earlier this year. He claimed that is necessary to have a clear and precise orientation in social media. Prepare to lose control, mistakes are good for you, and you learn from them. Find and identify ambassadors in the crowd. But Mercedes is a luxury car, how do you create interests for a boring product? Sven suggests to add value like discounts, offers, special deals etc to create social media love for a less ”sexy” product.

Facebook, Christian Hernandez GallardoBild: Helen Alfvegren

Facebook users are the most loyal in the world. We spend 5 hrs a month on Facebook. Brands have stopped building microsites. Some even have more visits to their Facebook fanpage than on their brand website. Facebook wants to make the web social. Everything from jeans, books or houses should be browsable based on what your friends like. Facebook is all about taking the social graph with you wherever you go. Facebook is also the world’s largest gaming platform. Regarding privacy: ”You trust us with your personal data and in return we offer access to all friends, family and their activities.” Facebook is also the world’s largest photo platform. For the future, social commerce is one of Facebook’s new verticals of business. Regarding Facebook Social Inboxl: It is not a Gmail killer. It is a communication hub.

Aftonbladet, Anna Settman

You can make money and you can charge for editorial content. But you need to be innovative. Aftonbladet showed a successful digital campaign called Live-Löpet (Read more here at @rockspindeln’s blog) where they recreated concerts, filming the artists in a studio and and broadcasting them online. The popularity of the initiative made it the biggest music festival in Sweden.

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