The meaning of debunk


Today a new word caught my attention because it seemed to express a lot about what I stand for: Debunk My Twitter followers helped me demystify the meaning of the expression. For example someone would say ’That is a lot of bunk” when they think something is bullshit. So ”debunk” is like puncturing, exposing, remove any […] Read more…

Therese Tipsar 5 januari 2011


Seth’s Blog: Making meetings more expensive Bra idé men hur irriterad skulle man inte bli på den där ”mötesfen”?  Utdrag: If you hire a ”meeting fairy”, every time you call a meeting it’s going to cost more to organize. But this means you’ll call fewer meetings, those meetings will be shorter and more efficient. And […] Read more…

Möjligheter med Google Wave


Google Wave är det hetaste ordet på stan, men samtidigt ett mysterium. Följande användningsområden ser jag med Wave: Read more…

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