Kämpar du också med engelskan när du ska skriva mejl i professionella sammanhang? Min vän och numera jobbkollega Angelica har bott majoriteten av sitt liv utomlands och hjälpte mig häromveckan. Här är tips på bra formuleringar!

Förslag på inledning:

Dear XXX, 

  • Hope this email finds you well.
  • I am writing to you with regards to XYZ….
  • I received your contact details from XYZ…
  • I was informed that you are the appropriate person to contact with regards to XYZ…

En bra avslutning (beroende på vad du vill ha i gengäld):

  • I am looking forward to receiving your (early) reply /feedback. 
  • Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further assistance or information. 
  • In the meantime I wish you a pleasant day. Thank you and kind regards.

Om du mailar någon som är svår att få svar från

Var rakt på sak men alltid trevlig:

  • Looking forward to your feedback, I will contact you on the (date) to follow up on the same/with regards to my question. 
  • I apologize for contacting you again so soon, but I have to be in [city] in one week and I would like to have this resolved before I leave.
  • Please send me your [feedback/reply/input] at your earliest possible convenience.

Förslag på Out of office-reply:

  • I am out of the office on vacation till Friday, March 24 and am unable to read my emails /or/ I will not have access to my emails. In my absence, please contact [Name, Phone Number and Email Address].
  • If this is regarding [Specify Topic], please call our Help desk at [Number].  Should the matter be urgent/ should you have further queries, do not hesitate to contact [Email Address] in my absence.