Kommer ni ihåg mitt blogginlägg om hur vi övergick till en strikt ”Last-Click” policy för onlinemarknadsföring och sparade massor av pengar på att inte betala till flera partners för en och samma konvertering?

Chris Allison

Air New Zealand har precis tagit nästa steg, och det här arbetssättet tänkte jag också få i mål under 2013! Läs hela intervjun hos eConsultancy.

When we used a last-click model, Displaywas only showing as contributing to 1% of conversions, which would make you question your investment in that channel. So we wanted to understand what actually contributed to that last-click and influenced them prior to the conversion.

And when we actually looked at the data in that way by utilising the tag management system we saw a very different result.Regarding Display, we actually saw that it contributed to 90% of our entry path to conversion, which is hugely different to our last-click model which said it only impacted 1% of sales. 

But tag management also gives you other useful data such as which websites/publishers grab a customer’s interest using Display and which websits pull that customer through the funnel to convert.

Chris Allison, Online Channel Manager Air New Zealand.
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