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  1. Therese Reuterswärd
    8 januari, 2013

    The iPhone is indeed very beautifully designed! However, I experience the contours of it to be too sharp for my taste, it’s not like I cut myself while handling it but my hands are so small I shift it around in my palm alot. I will probably by a gel-like super slim case just to enhance the grip.


  2. Shayne Paddock
    7 januari, 2013

    I prefer to use the iPhone 5 without a cover. It’s such a beautiful design I want to use it as is. I do carry it in a leather pouch. I also just ordered an Otter Box defender case to use only when I’m hiking, skating, or skiing. It’s bulky but it will protect it from the elements when I’m outside in the winter.



  3. @TrulyTherese
    6 januari, 2013

    Nytt på bloggen: iPhone 5 – jag kunde inte hålla mig.. http://t.co/aynHxLlC


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